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This site contains executive summaries of all the Water KAR projects that DFID has recently funded across all themes including W5, Water for Food. Details given include project follow-up details and contact points. Where possible, project summaries give hyper-link connection to the organisation responsible for carrying out the work. The site gives access to an electronic version of the DFID WATER Newsletter. WATER uses short articles to disseminate results from R&D projects in the Water and Sanitation Sector that are supported by DFID.

The contents of this CD are also available for free download through this site.

Water for food - project summaries - theme W5

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DFID's task as a UK Government department is to promote sustainable
development and work to eliminate world poverty. Their website describes their working strategies and the partners with whom they work. The site provides
information on what DFID is doing, where, and why. Publications can be
ordered through the website, free of charge. Details of recruitment opportunities and funding schemes are provided and contact numbers and addresses for DFID departments are given.